Management and supervision of the drum department

Tantec is the automatic system for the complete management of the drum department, it includes the management of:

Automatic tempered water dosing (ACQUATEC)

Chemical dosing system (PROTEC)

Acid dosing system (ACITEC)

Assisted Weighing Control (PESOTEC)

Drum handling control (DRUMTEC)



  • Can be interfaced with the company's IT network for the exchange of recipes and production data
  • Simple and complete graphical interface
  • Intuitive and flexible recipe editor
  • Warehouse and chemical products inventory management
  • System self-diagnosis
  • Recipe Reports & Archive
  • Display of alarms and system status
  • Plant status synoptic
  • Assisted data entry control.


PDF: tantec.pdf




Example of a system

Example of a system

Pc Supervisor

Pc Supervisor